Expense control worksheet: how to avoid debt

Every year starts with big plans, but sometimes we fail to achieve them for a seemingly simple matter to resolve: lack of financial organization. We have found many reasons, several of them very justified, for our economic lack of control and we continue to live life on the edge. But it is possible, yes, to get out of this and manage to balance the accounts, pay off debts, avoid new ones and still comply with New Year’s resolutions. And the first step for this is to keep a spreadsheet for controlling expenses. Below are some financial benefits obtained using a spreadsheet:

Spending mapping

Do you know the feeling of not knowing where the money went? With an expense control spreadsheet, this is the first problem that will be solved. By delineating all your fixed expenses (rent, financing, bills, etc.) and variable expenses (food, leisure, shopping, for example) you will be able to identify how your money has been spent.

Cutting excess

money cash

Based on the financial mapping extracted from the expense control spreadsheet, it will be easier to see in which aspects you are exceeding yourself. Unnecessary shopping, high energy consumption, eating out, expensive leisure options are some examples of what can be reviewed, controlled and cut.

Simplified view of problems

Another benefit that the adoption of an expense control spreadsheet can provide is to better visualize the main financial bottlenecks and, from there, outline strategies to solve them. The most common problems are: multiple high-interest loans, financing that has gone out of control, overdue credit card, overdraft, etc. Each of these problems can be solved with discipline, organization and resilience.

Cost predictability

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Being aware of costs, it is possible to make them fit within your budget. A financial spreadsheet shows how much revenue you have and what your future expenses are. By cutting excesses and sticking to the standard of living that your budget allows, in a short time your accounts will be balanced and you will be able to start saving or investing part of your money.

Financial goals and objectives

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After using the expense control spreadsheet to resolve the past and organize the present, it’s time to think about the future. What are your plans for 2017, besides being debt free? Financial goals and objectives are essential for a good economic projection. You can plan a trip at the end of the year or, who knows, save money to open your own business. All of this can be placed inside the spreadsheet in order to save money and get there.

Savings and investment

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It is important to place savings or investment as a fixed monthly “cost”, mandatory as an electricity bill or rent. Accumulating that amount can help you achieve your goals! Even with all these benefits in mind, do you find it complicated to put together an expense control spreadsheet? You don’t have to worry anymore. Thanks to technology, there are many models and financial applications that can do this for you. Adopting a financial expense control spreadsheet will make it easier for you to enjoy life with your finances in place. 

Bank Barometer: the demand for household loans is also growing in September

The demand for loans from Italian families is also growing in September. A positive trend which, as emerges from the edition of the Lite Lending Barometer (Central Financial Risks) relating to last month, has continued uninterruptedly for seven consecutive quarters.In September, the number of queries recorded on Eurisc (the Lite Lending credit information system) relating to requests for loans by Italian families (in the aggregate of personal loans and finalized loans) showed an increase of 2.5% per year (however slowing compared to 4.5% in August), against the 7.2% progress recorded in the entire third quarter of 2019 Specifically, explains Lite Lending, the sector’s performance is determined by the loans finalized, which have recorded an increase of 5.5% per year, against the 1.


The average amount requested was stable around $ 9,200

loan amount

As regards the average amount requested, overall between applications for personal loans and finalized loans, the figure remained substantially stable compared to September 2018: the decline was in fact limited to 0.3% for a value of 9,240 dollars. For finalized loans, the average amount requested stood at 6,633 dollars against 12,585 dollars for personal loans. In relation to the distribution of requests by amount, loans under 5,000 dollars recorded an increase of 1.3% per year, against the decrease in equal amounts (always 1.3% therefore but in the negative) for those above that figure. The band under $ 5,000 remains the majority with a share of 44.5% of the total requests. Among the finalized loans, 59.9% of requests concern values ​​below $ 5,000 while for personal loans, the range between 10,001 and $ 20,000 is the one with the highest incidence (28.


Most popular duration is the one over five years

loan duration

Analyzing the distribution of requests for loans in terms of duration of the loan, also in September, the most popular range was that of more than five years (27.4% of the total). On the other hand, for finalized loans, requests mainly focused on maturities of less than 12 months (23.7%). For personal loans, Italian preferences are increasingly directed towards repayment plans for more than five years, with requests equal to 46.0% of the total. Regarding the age of consumers who turn to institutions to obtain a loan, the September edition of the Lite Lending Barometer shows that the priority range is between 45 and 54 years (25.4% of the total), followed by that between 35 and 44 years (22.3 %).


The winner is the one who offers the best customer experience


In the month of September the growth of requests for loans by Italian families continues, with a + 2.5% compared to the previous year, while the average amount stands at values ​​slightly lower than those of the corresponding survey “, he underlined Stephen Carecchi , executive director of Lite Lending. “To respond effectively to the needs of consumers, credit companies are developing not only increasingly targeted offers but also fast, simple and click-to-click delivery processes. On the market, those who will be able to offer their customers the best customer experience, an element that is ever more fundamental for a better positioning in the competitive arena, will prove successful, concluded Carecchi.

Investing in loans between individuals, an interesting opportunity

In one of the previous articles we have analyzed the opportunity offered by the private loan platforms, such as Lite Lenders, Best Lending or Lite Lenders Credit, all authorized by Cream Bank: rates on personal loans very competitive and lower than the traditional channel (banks or financial) even 200 basis points (2%) if you have an excellent credit history. But digitization represents an opportunity not only for those who need funding. The social lending channels, in fact, represent an interesting investment opportunity also for those who want to place themselves on the market as a lender. In a nutshell, you turn into a bank, granting loans to other people. Returns? Net of potential losses they can even reach 6% or more. Anyone can turn into a bank.Just be of legal age, register on one of these platforms and choose the lender profile. Then you have to upload the required documents, sign the contract and you are immediately operational. Once the transfer has been made, you can choose the loans you want to invest in, the rate and the duration, thus creating your own portfolio.




Some platforms offer an already pre-established managed portfolio, with a diversification of 1%. This means that a capital of 10 thousand dollars is divided into 100 shares of 100 dollars. A breakdown that helps reduce the potential risk of default. Having built up one’s own portfolio, the installments of the invested capital including interest begin to be received from the first month. And in case you want to return from the loan before the natural expiry it is always possible. To give an example, Lite Lenders offers the function “Quick Return ”, with which it is possible to sell your loans (only regular ones and not problem loans) on the platform to other lenders.


The insolvency risk


The possibility that a credit ends up in bad debt must always be taken into consideration. All platforms, however, deal with debt collection activities. To further protect the lenders, then, some social lending have set up guarantee funds, to cover any insolvencies. Since 2015, for example, Lite Lenders has established the Lite Lenders Lender Protection fund: it is powered by the commissions applied to applicants and interventions in the event of insolvency only after all credit recovery activities have been activated and after a period of 21 months from the first missed refund. Usually, however, these funds do not offer a full guarantee. This means that there will not be the necessary capacity, the fund will not be able to return 100% of the insolvency.


Between costs and returns

investment loans

The interest received on these platforms can appeal to many investors, especially in a zero interest rate period like the current one. In the last auction in September, 12-month Bots were “beaten” with a negative rate, while current accounts continue to offer interest income close to zero (with the exception of some deposit accounts with the constraint option). In short, finding risk-free investments with positive real returns is not easy. But social lending platforms could be a valid alternative: on Best Lending, rates net of potential losses fluctuate from a minimum of 3.62% to a maximum of 6.60%; on Lite Lenders the yield varies between 3.77% (Conservative Market) and 5.3% (Dynamic Market). All interest received will then be taxed with a 26 percent withholding tax. As for costs,

Who can apply for a loan?

Those who are over 18 years old, are born in Brazil, have an active CPF, hold a bank account and are able to prove income can apply for a loan. On the other hand, the country banks, financial institutions and regulatory authorities are not so clear about the age limit for accessing credit.


Relationship between loan and age

loan and age

Most institutions that offer personal or collateralized credit usually set an age limit for releasing money. Generally, deals are more easily closed with people up to 70 years old.

The main argument used to limit this release is that the older you are, the greater the risk of not paying off the debt. And the last thing that institutions want is someone who will not pay.

But in times of greater competition and the entry of other representatives (such as fintechs and digital banks), it is possible to have access to credit even at an older age. The only problem is that interest rates may be higher because of the risks involved in the transaction.

As for the payroll loan (with the installments discounted directly from the payroll of the civil servant or the benefit of the retiree), one of the conditions to release the money is to be less than 80 years old.


Why does it take 18 years and active CPF to apply for a loan?

apply for a loan

Before hitting the hammer and authorizing the loan, companies usually check the applicant’s background. This consultation would be a kind of protection, to avoid losses if the customer does not pay.

The risk is usually less when the client does not have a dirty name and when he honors the financial commitments made.

But, as this possibility can be broken at some point, it is important to guard against it. One of these guarantees is to select the people who can be found easily, the ones who really are who they say they are and still manage to provide sufficient financial conditions to repay the loan.

That’s when the client’s requirements are to be over 18, have a CPF active and be Brazilian. This facilitates the execution of extreme actions, such as suing you in court in case of non-payment. Have you thought about the difficulty of doing this if the person did not have the document or was a foreigner? The headache could be greater than the return.


Documents for applying for a loan

apply loan

This fine-tooth comb in the life of those applying for a loan continues with a list of documents requested (such as ID, proof of residence and proof of income) by companies. These papers help to confirm who is asking for the credit, where it can be found and what the real ability to pay is.

In a few days – in some cases, in hours -, the company grants an answer and releases or not the requested money. The transfer is usually made in a checking account pre-indicated by the client. Depending on the company conducting the process, it may suggest that the destination indicated is an account at the institution itself. This can help you increase the bond with the borrower.

In some situations it is possible to try to earn more by ensuring that you receive an account maintenance fee. Another source of income may be the payment of bank fees to move the borrowed money.


And what are the precautions when applying for a loan?

loan application

With the increase in the total number of companies offering personal credit and other types of loans, it is important to compare prices and always seek the best offer. Another facility with the modernization of systems is the possibility to make these consultations without leaving your home.

Almost everywhere you can apply for a loan usually has online platforms. In them, it is possible not only to send documents and negotiate the contract, but also to make simulations of interest, amounts that can be taken and the total amount.

In addition, it is important to be aware of the interest that is charged and if the company is usually transparent in this matter. By law, it cannot hide what the Total Effective Cost of the loan will be (interest plus all other expenses involved in the process, such as fees and operating costs), but we know that some of them make it difficult to access this information. in a confused way. This means that when the parcel arrives, the customer gets scared.

This behavior also applies to those who have already closed a loan. It is possible to renegotiate terms with the manager, even more if there is a more advantageous offer. Most importantly, it is possible to port the loan between institutions. The process is very similar to what happens in the telephone system.

And a golden tip: as Good Lenders is very familiar with the users’ earnings and expenses routine, it usually offers the best conditions for that specific moment. This is also true for the loan, with partners who are on the application’s online credit platform and usually offer better terms than those of the users’ home bank.

Government agency loan for first home purchase and home renovation.

Among the various loan options offered by Government Agency to civil servants there are also those specifically dedicated to the purchase of a home or the renovation of housing.  Like any other type of loan, this also requires compliance with certain requirements. Let’s see the main ones together.

Requirements for access to first home purchase loans

Requirements for access to first home purchase loans

The first requirement is the registration in the unitary management of credit and social benefits with an age of at least three years to the fund. In addition, you must have a permanent job and, in order for the application to be accepted, the home must not fall into the “luxury” categories, that is, it must not belong to the following categories: A / 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7.

For pensioners, the requirement is that they are not yet 60 years of age.

For pensioners, the requirement is that they are not yet 60 years of age.

You can also buy a box as long as it is relevant to the house. In any case, the important thing is not to exceed the allowed ceiling, that is 300,000 USD. As a rate you can opt for the fixed or the variable.

In order to be able to access the mortgage at subsidized rates, because then at the end of this it is necessary to submit the application within the set deadline and wait for the ranking lists to be released which are displayed on a quarterly basis. The rankings take into account several factors, mainly the composition of the family unit (dependent children, spouse, etc.) and family income (see also Personal loans without paycheck).

Loans for renovation

Loans for renovation

Another type of financing is designed specifically for those who, on the other hand, need to renovate their main home or simply face maintenance work. In this regard, any extraordinary condominium expenses or the installation of renewable energy systems are also included as a reason.

Various categories of public and state employees, including teachers, can access as soon as they have at least 4 years of seniority.

The amounts payable range from a minimum of 10,000 USD to a maximum of 30,000 USD. Obviously, when the application is submitted, the intervention made must be documented appropriately, providing estimates and / or invoices. The installment will then be determined on the basis of the chosen capital and will in any case have an amount not exceeding one fifth of the salary.

The installments will obviously include the shares relating to the total sum to be returned, the part of interest and there will be a rate intended for life insurance. In this way, the contractor’s family members will be relieved in the event of death. Unfortunately, there are no online Government Agency tools for calculating the installment, but generic ones available online can be used, where you simply enter the rate for the type of loan chosen (see also Loans in 24 hours).

In the event of a decrease in economic availability, it is also possible to request a renegotiation of the loan with a remodulation of the monthly installment to be paid.